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Brief information about the program

The Centre of Civic Advocacy works at Ukraine in the field of research, monitoring and defense of Human Rights.

One of the direct of activities of the Centre dedicated to research and advocacy of reforming of system of donations and privileges in Ukraine in the way of European examples and better practices. Also one of objectives of the program is involvement of scientists and civic organizations into this process.

Within later research project the Centre by support of the International Foundation “Renaissance” realized analysis of Ukrainian legislation on social Rights and social system, estimated of public thought and discussed elaborated proposals with publicity and bodies responsible for reforming.

Within the program also awareness campaigns are realized (the social-legal portal www.pilga.in.ua and “Social edition” for non governmental organizations, state institutions and other participants of reforming process, also formed and estimated all privileges in Ukraine and published “The Catalogue of privileges”.

Results of the research published at the report “Reforming of system of donations and privileges in Ukraine” presented on this autumn. The report (http://www.pilga.in.ua/node/746) consists of analysis of Ukrainian legislation on social system, legislative work, enlightens problems of existed social system from soviet periods, possibilities of changing. Also the organization research in common features systems of other countries; among them Grate Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland and other countries.




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